The Brunel Hotel

The Brunel Hotel is a 50 Bedroom 3 star Hotel located in Paddington 5 minute walk from Hyde Park. The Hotel is part of the Crystal Hotels Group which has 4 Hotels within the group. We were asked to quote for the full refurbishment of the hotel from concept design through to installation. This included bespoke contract bedroom furniture, fabricated beds, upholstered headboards and chairs in every room. We completely ripped out each room, where possible undertook light building work to move walls between rooms to maximise the layout in the rooms and add additional bed space. Our remit included furniture, carpets, doors, wallpaper and en-suite bathrooms. The wiring in the hotel was extremely old so each room was re-wired back to a central fuse board on each floor.


What set us apart from other interior solution companies was the budget restraints the client had, we were able to work within is budget and requirements easily, because we always put the client first. The client was looking to refurbish one room each month whilst keeping the Hotel fully operational; operationally this doesn’t work completing rooms individually with space restraints and labour requirements including specialist trades (electricians, plumbers etc.) The hotels occupancy also peaks at certain times of the year and so we proposed doing the rooms in batches during the quieter periods of the seasons whilst keeping to their monthly budget. We have just confirmed a yearly refurbishment contract that will keep us at the hotel for the foreseeable future.

 The whole project is worth in excess of £1m